Social Media Management

Social media advertising is just starting to take shape in Australia and will continue to grow and mature.
Many industries are already seeing the benefits of social media marketing and promotion and the property industry is no exception.
As consumers’ understanding of social marketing increases, so too will their expectations. Vendors will watch what agents do and say in the social networking sphere - they will ask agents about their social media strategy, about how they market properties and how that compares to their competitors.
From the smallest of campaigns through to major launches and projects, real estate businesses need to be aware of the benefits of property advertising using social media websites.
When you partner with Online Real Estate Media, the marketing requirements of your properties, projects, people and business will be handled professionally and with flair. We will make sure that the branding and exposure gained through social media marketing gives you a point of difference.
Social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn should now play an important and pivotal role in your advertising and marketing campaigns and Online Real Estate Media will ensure you make them successful.
Facebook boasts more than one billion active users (11.7m Australian users) and there are more than 500 million active Twitter accounts (2.2m Australian users).



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